The Blush Factor

Tonight at work I gave a presentation to about 50 people. I'm not shy, so I wasn't all that concerned about it and I didn't need to be- it was a nice audience and they were receptive and smart. After my part of the presentation was finished, I headed over to grab some water and I noticed that my ENTIRE BODY HAD TURNED FUSCHIA. From my shoulders to my chest, to my neck and up to my ears, I could have been classified as a new race. I hadn't realized it as I was speaking, but somehow during those 20 minutes, my coloring had changed from a pale white (my tan from the Dominican Republic is long gone) to a blush that could inspire Clinique.

After a bit of research on the old internet, I found out that humans are the sole blushing species and scientists aren't sure what causes it. Much reference was made to being embarrassed, but I wasn't embarrassed until the blush occured. This creates a chicken and egg complex: which came first, the blush or the embarrassment?

I suppose I should be glad that I belong to a species that blushes on our faces as opposed to, let's say, our asses. A couple of evoluntionary steps back, and things could have been a lot worse:

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seasidesar said...

So tonight's (repeat) of Grey's Anatomy included a side-story of a girl who was getting surgery so that she wouldn't blush any more. She was tired of people knowing exactly what she was thinking and feeling. Tired of feeling the heat creep up to her face. Tired of hearing that she was blushing. And after her surgery she felt secure saying McDreamy's name and not turning burgundy. There’s a certain anonymity to not blushing. And sometimes… sometimes I’m jealous of that.