The Break-Up

I just finished a fashion show in the living room for Tejal and Danielle. It's become time to part with the clothing, to eliminate just enough so that everything will fit in a few suitcases, and to make those life altering decisions: would I wear this or am I holding onto it because I bought it in a foreign country?

While moving your life across an ocean gets complicated REAL fast, I might also add that it adds a much-needed fresh look at your life. I'm living that "what if" question- if you only could bring one thing to a deserted island, what would it be? Lately, I feel like I'm constantly paring down my wardrobe, book collection, shoe collection (yes, I'm distraught) to my bare necessities and I wonder- if I wasn't moving abroad right now, how long would that "Muhlenberg in Action" tee-shirt stay with me? What about the red signature tank that provided me with so many fun nights at the Discotheque? Or the Nine West sandals, one of which my brother broke last year, that I keep meaning to super-glue?

It's taken an intercontinental move to light a fire under my ass, but it's lit... and from what I know about apartments in Paris, I won't have much space for broken sandals or sentimental tee-shirts anyway. If Aurel and I do decide to live together, I'm going to have to learn to share my half of the closet with his collection of comics... which bodes the question: can slingbacks and comic books ever live in harmony?


Anonymous said...

Another reason why you should live in "la compagne" ... 100 m2 = lots of room for my stuff and SOME room for his stuff (books in german, mostly)

your blog makes me miss you THAT MUCH MORE ... vive your trip to France in a couple of weeks and YAY FOR PARIS !! ;-)

ta copine "frenchie"

ev-aloo said...

hope the movie was REAL GOOD, jen!

m said...

you best not be parting w/ your Advocate "Muma" t-shirt, those things are collectors items.