On a Jet Plane

It has been tough getting in the mood for this vacation, but June 15 is finally here and I leave for Paris later today. Despite the hassle of suitcase-lugging, traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I feel very "in the moment" whenever I show up at an airport, like an active member of society who is interesting enough to spend time away, despite the costs.

Or maybe I just like the free refills on the plane.

Catch you later from across the pond...


Anonymous said...

Who will watch all the senseless addictive TV shows with me now???? :(

Anonymous said...

you are missed already in the office...when are you coming back? i have no one to talk with about very important work things like - well - um - okay maybe not very important work things....but VERY IMPORTANT LIFE THINGS!

I hope that you are having a fun time.......e-mail if you get a chance.....and for God's sake WASH YOUR BRA!!!!