One benefit of having moved frequently before the age of 8 is that I've grew up with the abilty to SUPER-PACK. I can take a large mound of clothing and/or other packable things and, in mere minutes, pack them so that they take up 1/10 of their normal surface area.

At the end of one of Aurel's trips to New York, he was having a hard time figuring out how he would fit everything in his bag (including his black leather jacket, which he brings regardless of the time of year). During the time it took him to read three pages in his comic book, I had everything rolled, folded, squeezed and squished in with room to spare. "WOW," he said, "THAT'S good!" I'm pretty sure that's the moment he realized it was true love.

Tonight I put my skills to the test yet again with 11 shirts, 3 pants, 1 pair of flannel pajamas, lots of socks, 2 curtains, 1 tablecloth from Provence, scarves, gloves, and two winter jackets, which I fit in my backpack. MY BACKPACK! Take THAT, two-bag limit on international flights!


seasidesar said...

dear jenny,
i find it rather suspicious that the first time you don't have a pic up on you blog is the only time your entry really CALLS for a picture... we want proof!!! oh, or maybe it can't pick up the image of a nicely packed backpack? yes, i've heard of that before... something about it stealing the backpack's soul? mmmm... i understand...

Anonymous said...

i hear you.

altho my packing skills come more from international flight after international flight to domestic flight (50 lb limit??) to international flight to international flight.

you get the idea. and you'll just keep getting better at packing !


[ps - i love the fact that i *FINALLY* get to return the love that you often leave me on my blog!]