Sophie's Choice... in print

I just finished going through my books and if I thought clothes were tough, I had NO IDEA the separation anxiety that would be caused by the book choice. Here they are, the finalists, the winners of an all-expenses paid trip to Paris for an indefinite period of time:

1,000 Places to see before you die
Lonely Planet Italian phrasebook
The little book of the Louvre
France Travel guide
The Feast of Love by Baxter
Siddhartha by Hesse
The Alchemist by Coelho
The Lover by Duras
Dubliners by Joyce
Paradise Lost by Milton

Thrown in for good measure: Let's Go Europe 2006, Webster's dictionary, my college American history text book and the Bible.

The fiction that I'm bringing never ceases to inspire me (and in some cases, intimidate as well). Guests in Paris are encouraged to bring a book to build the collection in exchange for lodging, fresh croissants, and a damn good time.

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Anonymous said...

yeh!i'm so happy for you that you're moving to paris!
it's great and we will be able to see each other more often than once every two years!
do not hesitate to come over to the irish capital and i will surely head to paris quite a few times for delirious week-ends!!!
talk to you later
miss you luv!