This is Rye, NY

Scene: Yesterday, Starbucks, Rye, 8:55am.

Starbucks man: Hi, can I help you?
PREGNANT woman: Hee Hee Hooo, Hee Hee Hooo, Can I have a, Hee Hee Hooo, Cappucino?
Starbucks man: Geez, are you in labor?
PREGNANT woman: Hee Hee Hooo, yes, can I, Hee Hee Hooo, get a Cappucino please?
Starbucks man: Wait, you're on the way the hospital to give birth? And you stopped at Starbucks?
PREGNANT woman: Yes, I need a Cappucino!
Pregnant woman's husband: And a blueberry scone, please...

1 comment:

seasidesar said...

i guess she needs her capuccino! ...but my question is if her husband was there, and fully capable of ordering, and she's obviously in labor (and not having the easiest time speaking) - why didn't he just order FOR her in the first place?? either way, i'm sure this was quite the sight to behold ;)