The Wonder of Super Nanny

Aurel is somewhat of a TV addict. He admits it himself, although he's not one of these lying-on-the-couch-eating-chips-and-drinking-soda-from-the-bottle-while-he-watches-a-"King of the Hill"-marathon type of guys. Ok, well at least not the "King of the Hill" part. He is a TV snob and he'll admit it. If he watches it, he can tell you the real name of every person on the show, including the producer, director, and camera man #3.

I, on the other hand, barely look at my TV unless Gray's Anatomy is on. I use the TV in my room as a stand to balance my cable box on. And my DVD player. And my VCR. All in all, the whole terrifying mountain of technology is a bit overwhelming and this is why I read books instead.

Tonight, however, having packed my books in boxes and carted them up to Yorktown, I had nothing to do but turn on the box and bask in the rays. Tejal and I got caught up in Wife Swap, something I'll have to write about another time, and then the most glorious of all shows came on- SUPER NANNY.

Tejal and I watched, breathless, as a HITTING, SCREAMING, DEMON CHILD was transformed into a domesticated lamb. SUPER NANNY laid down the law, and a family that was being torn apart by their three unbearable daughters was smiling and eating ice cream at a London fair by the end of the hour.

While watching, you can't help but sympathize with the parents. They thought it would be easy! The wife gets prego, a cute baby comes out, and BAM, here they are, nine years later, pushed around by three mini-versions of themselves.

The following conversation ensued:
Me: What if my kids are bad like that?
Tejal: They won't be.
Me: Umm that's what every Mom on this show thought before she gave birth. Maybe I can threaten to send them to bording school at Aunt Tejal's in India.
Tejal: Yeah, sure. In India, if the kid is acting up, they get a smack.

Future children of my loins, you've been warned.


Anonymous said...

oh jepting, your posts make me laugh. i hope you never stop writing this blog !

see you on friday in good ol' CF (

(ps - saturday is the official inauguration of place de jaude ...)

E. said...

i'm not going to be very original, just going to say that your posts crack me up everytime! you should have started this blog sooner...

hope to see you (and everyone) in CF!