Goodbye, English

The beginning of my love affair with the French language began more like a blind date. While I wanted to start my 7th grade language career as a Spanish student, my Dad had another idea. "French is for the smart kids," he said, and so the decision was made. I would enter a world of croissants, wine and Les Miserables and leave the quesadillas behind.

I leave tomorrow morning for Middlebury College in scenic Vermont and enter into a complete French immersion program for the summer. As of my arrival at Middlebury tomorrow afternoon, I'm forbidden to speak English for six weeks. I'll pass the time watching French television, listening to French radio, and, let's be honest and cut the crap, doing HOURS of French homework every night towards my Masters degree.

Because of this policy (known to a close few as French Nazi camp... FNC), I can't write my blog until the end of August... writing in English would violate this rule and I want to be as immersed as possible. That being said, a picture's worth a thousand words in any language, so I'll continue doing a photo blog for the summer, hopefully documenting a French life worth the tuition.

Top three photos I hope to publish this summer:
1. Me winning the Rookie of the Year Tennis team trophy (unlikely, as dating the captain of the tennis team in high school does NOT guarantee spontaneous talent on my side)
2. Daily wine and cheese parties
3. A heterosexual man enrolled in the French Masters program

Top three photos I hope to avoid publishing this summer:
1. The library from a different angle every day.
2. A classroom labeled "French Grammar for Beginners"
3. Any sign that says "This campus is dry."

Stay tuned for FNC photo updates...

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