Fitting In at BR

To celebrate the sale of my car (and thus a significant check), I decided to make a visit to the local Banana Republic.

Usually I walk quickly, my head down through the "new" section and plant myself among the sale racks. But tonight I hesitated a second too long in front of a chocolate knee-length skirt. "Can I help you?" Caught! This guy was good. For the next 20 minutes, he had me acting like I had won a damn shopping spree... I looked at colors and styles (and NOT price tags). When I finally grabbed a sale sweater off the rack, he matched it with $118 pants from the front of the store. You have to admire persistence.

The bad luck came in two waves in the dressing room:
1. The realization that 6 weeks of free Ben and Jerry's ice cream now lives on my ASS.
2. The loser in the next dressing room was having a loud conversation with her Mom about her new internship in London. She punctuated every sentence about this upcoming internship with "wow, these pants look FABULOUS! but they might be a little too big..." These punctuations coincided with my attempts at zippering up pants that did NOT look fabulous.

In short, a dark gloom set over dressing room 3.

"HOW ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?" Mr. BR yelled for the 17th time in 10 minutes. I opened the door, wearing jeans that were literally 7 inches too long. "Um... do you have petite jeans?" He summoned the resident hemmer. And SHE was fabulous.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, those look great!" she said. "What's the occasion?" "I'm moving to Paris." With these four magic words, she had me up on a platform in front of three mirrors, wearing brown leather heels. Then she proceeded to hem my jeans FOR FREE.

Important Memo: Apparently, if you buy jeans at full price at BR, they hem them for free. Though no one sane buys jeans at full price, it is nice to know that, during moments of insanity (and despite new cellulite issues), BR has your back.

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seasidesar said...

well when i was leaving to study abroad in italy i went to BR and had them hem the pair of too-long-red-pants i bought... and the girl that hemmed them for me ended up going to my program in rome!! so there i was weeks later - over there in rome, walking down the little italian street to my school, wearing my perfect length red pants, and saying hello to magda, my pant-hemmer and class-mate abroad. coincidences. i wish you the same BR-hemmed-luck-abroad that i had ;)