Home Alone

I'm house sitting for my parents, who have taken off to Atlantic City for a couple of days. After living with a roomate in a dorm built for 250+ all summer, the silence is eerie. I spent the afternoon watching movies and have now filled the void with the crooning of Ben Folds. It feels good to have voices in the house; the cats haven't been much help in that area.

In some ways, the alone time is welcome. I eat pasta for dinner at 10pm. Or cheez-its. The TV is mine, the background music is my choice, and I can wear (or not wear) whatever I want.

On the other hand, home alone is not a good situation for someone with an overactive imagination. Shadows in the living room could mean hidden burglers. Leaving the outside light off might encourage thieves. I'll stop beating around the bush and admit that:

I'm afraid of the dark.

Yes, I'm 25 years old. Yes, I am an educated person. And yet an empty house without using every kilowatt possible freaks the hell out of me. The electric bill might be a little higher this month, but at least I'll have survived two nights without massive panic attacks.

And what will I do in Paris you may ask? Luckily for me, I'll be living with MasterMan:


Anonymous said...

don't be ashamed, i can also be easily frightened by the dark.. ;-)

how is Mr MasterMan doing?

Anonymous said...

you're stealing Mr MasterMan from CF !! booooooooooooooo

just kidding. hope you two are happy in paris. L&I will just have to come visit !

see you in france,