The Nana Diaries

Nana R. / Nana E.

I drove down to Pennsylvania the other day to say goodbye to family, especially these two hot chicks. Neither of them recognized me (though Nana R. did refer to my mom, so she was in the right ballpark...). I had a good time talking with both of them- when you get old and forgetful, you also get a bit silly and you like to disclose scandalous information. For example, which Nana do YOU think got married when she was SIX MONTHS PREGNANT? Which Nana's sister married (she shudders) "a catholic"? And which Nana took her teeth out while I was sitting NEXT TO HER and handed them to my great-aunt?* Good times, people, GOOD times.

I topped the trip off with a little visit to Muhlenberg to see the newest and hottest RA in Walz:

This picture is an old one. You can tell because Steve's face is visible. His new hairdo looks something like this:

I'm not one to rag on a long-haired boy (hell, I'm dating an ex-long hair), but I will mention that there was no making-out until he blindly stumbled into some scissors and came out with appropriate-length bangs.
* Answers: E, R, E


becs said...

this was probably one of the funniest things i've read in a long time. . . thanks for the entertainment during my bout of writer's bloch (yes, ch is necessary).
happy francing!

stevie e. said...

the hair is gone sister