Fashion 101

This morning I made my way to Paris III, which is the New Sorbonne (read: hip and cool and you don't have to speak in Latin anymore) to iron out a few details with my application. While I stood in the long line of foreigners outside Office #14 (read: Ellis Island), I decided to observe the latest French fashions reflected in the student body and see if I could learn a thing or two about fitting in. Here is a photo which best captures how everyone looked:

In other style news, the latest technological fashion screamed out as I was walking down the Champs Elysée yesterday with someone that I will call MasterMan (to protect his identity). MasterMan spent the summer in a factory, sweating and running around fixing machines. As a result, he lost some weight. Enough that his pants are now falling down his ass as he walks. Some might say that he has already achieved the height of fashion: in certain areas of NY, he would fit right in. Unfortunately, MM is not a New Yorker and, having broken his belt, replaced it with something only he could think of.

Me: (Noticing that he was having less difficulty with his pants) What are you holding your pants up with...
Me: (lifting up his shirt enough to see a black cable threaded through his belt loops and two USB-type plugs tied neatly in the front) IS THAT OUR DVD CABLE?
MM: (clearly embarrassed) I just couldn't find anything else...

Yes, ladies and gents, he spent the afternoon walking down the Champs Elysée with a DVD cable tied around his waist.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahah! Tell MasterMan (because I think I know who he is) that he's got the best fashion sense ever!
I have friends who were studying at Paris 3 as of last year - if you ever need info I can put you in touch.

J'espère que votre installation se passe bien, et j'espère qu'on pourra se voir à Paris un de ces quatre!


Anonymous said...

Hey...you can't knock the guy for being innovative! Maybe soon it will catch on in Paris!!