Oh yes, he DID

Fact: Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. To be honest, I hadn’t even realized that sexy was missing. But when Justin danced during the VMAs tonight, sexy came back in all its glory. It was no Mickey Mouse club- N'SYNC shit. Good one, Justin: good one.

Un-sexy, yet democratic Al Gore made a speech about global warming and showed some pics of the glaciers that are melting (possibly sped up by the sexiness that Justin recently brought back). I checked out his website and here are the top three tips I think are easy and do-able:

1. Unplug stuff that's already charged (ie. laptop, cell phone)
2. Call the junk mail people to take your name off mailing lists
3. Dust your lightbulbs to make the room brighter

Easy, oui?

When I saw this picture online today I almost threw up:

I would rather watch "Snakes on a Plane" continuously for thirty years than imagine John Mayer singing "Your Body is a Wonderland" to Jessica SIMPSON. Please John, we loved you because we believed that you appreciated more than inflatable boobs and becoming famous because of a tuna/chicken mix-up. John is NOT bringing sexy back. But I think you know who is.

Tomorrow, I will bring sexy back to Paris because I'M MOVING TO PARIS TOMORROW. A million apologies to those who I didn't end up seeing before I left; to make it up to you, I'll leave you with some eye candy and a promise to visit at Xmas:


seasidesar said...

two things:
1 - on your link to the JT pic... he's hot... but what is UP with that picture?! he's like floating in space in a sweaty (though hot) Harley-T, resting his head on an old rolled up sleeping bag? in front of like option #17 blue background from 4th grade school pictures
2 - justin timberlake is like the hotest thing ever. sexy never left.
oh, and one more thing: 3 - please don't come back from Paris unless you bring JT with you.

ps - i was being selfish. come back anyway, we love you... with or without McSexy.

bon voyage, jenny!
love you,

Anonymous said...

bon voyage ! See you here (someday) on the other side of the pond !


A.B. said...

REALLY wanted to call to say goodbye last night, but then realized that you no longer have a cell phone... Well, BON VOYAGE! :)

Ok, on to JT. Yes, SEXY has been broughten (and I speak only from the song not from the vma dance, which I'm now going to desperately search for on youtube!). But, I'm kinda sad about Sar's sleeping bag insight! Do think that, perhaps, it brought the sexiness down a notch?


Kate said...

i just found a little love letter from some crazy malagasy dude. TOO FUNNY. not bad, jen, not bad at all. you better watch out or the snow queen will be paying you a visit.