Paris, 0 €

The annual "Journées du Patrimoine" was in full swing last weekend (every museum, monument, etc. was free) and we took full advantage of the free-ness as usual. We are a bit obsessed with anything free, so much so that I would call us new team-members on the "EXTREME FREE-ness" team here in Paris. To demonstrate our dedication to the sport, MasterMan and I joined two other Middleburians on a FREE visit to the Paris Sewers on Saturday.

The answer to your first question is yes, they do normally charge to see the sewers and the answer to your second question is 4 euros too much. Because really? The sewer museum smells so bad and is so ridiculous that mannequins like this one start to look human:

We did, however, also visit the Palais Royale and the Palais de Luxembourg where the Senate works and those places were AMAZING:


A.B. said...


JEN! I went to the sewers when I was in Paris (and we DEFINITELY paid). I think my parents thought it would be a "fun" activity for their young daughters. Who knows. Anyway, I don't remember the mannequins, but I wish I did!

Glad to see that you and MM are taking advantage of everything free!

evelyn said...

That mannequin is hot.

pueblo said...

hello jenny,

my name is steve and I'm your brother.

how the hellll are you?!!

we'll have to catch up soon..when are you getting a tele-p?


ton frere