This one took a whole lot of googling...

In a strange twist of fate, my sister and I found ourselves in the same city this morning. She called from the Charles de Gaulle airport while I was on my way to a job interview sounding much more bright and cheery than I would be after a sleepless overnight flight and an upcoming flight that will take her far away from televisions, chocolate bars and modern toilets for two years.

I may have made the part about chocolate up. What do I know if chocolate bars exist in Togo?

(two minutes and a google search later)

Proven wrong:
"In 1991, Craig Sams, the founder of Green & Black's Whole Earth company had launched a chocolate bar made with organic beans from Togo, West Africa."

Well ANYWAY, she's clearly headed towards a different world.

I had a dream last night that I was leaving for Africa. I'd like to think that I'm suffering from sympathy pains, but on second thought maybe I'm just mourning the fact that I STILL don't have internet or a phone line or a bank account. Before you get all jugemental and New-York efficient on me, you should know that acquiring these three things in France is a little like the search for the holy grail. Maybe my telephone number, bank card and modem are all hidden in the crypt of a little church somewhere in the north of France and Tom Hanks is going to lead me there to discover them. Here's what I might look like when I finally get my grail:

The weather in Paris is rainy and chilly, perfect for a weekend of getting a bunch of work done. But I must confess that I am VERY tempted to attend the 2006 animal expo on Sunday. There are posters all over the metro saying "COME HOLD BABY KITTENS!" or "PUPPIES ARE WAITING FOR YOU!" I mentioned the idea to Aurel who said it sounded like the girliest thing ever so I am weighing the options of attending the expo alone. Am I the girliest loser?

Maybe so.

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Anonymous said...

if i were in paris i'd totally go hold kittens and pat puppies with you.

go girly-loser-power !

(tell Aurel to suck it up and go !)