5 minutes ago

Me: I don't want to take a shower. It's getting so boring- I take them everyday...

Aurel: I know, I know, sometimes I can't do it either.

Me: Can't you take a shower for me?

Aurel: Well, I can take a shower for ME or I can give you a shower with my love. (voice becomes dramatic) I know, I know, it's going to be ok... you're going to get through this.

Me: Shut up, you big loser.

Aurel: Ok, and I'M the big loser?

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Anonymous said...

can i come live with you two in paris so that i can personally witness the daily humor ?!?! i mean, i'd just need a mattress on the floor. i won't even take a shower ! (mmmm, stinky) heehee

have fun on your trip this weekend - talk to you next week !