Case of the Wednesdays

I find myself halfway through a period of time known to a close few as "the week of the devil" or "the week my job booked me for two times as many hours as I'm supposed to have." I thought I was managing things pretty well until this morning when my metro ride turned into a Kafka novel. Should anyone have heard my inner monologue, there's no doubt that I'd be shipped off to the looney bin.

The onset of such insanity was brought on by a presentation I had to give at the Sorbonne this morning. Called a "Commentaire Compose," it requires you to take a 2-page extract from a novel and comment on every detail, every nuance, in- you got it- a three part essay. You should have three ideas, each of which have three arguments, each of which have three examples. Why? BECAUSE THEY'VE ALWAYS DONE IT THAT WAY, which obviously seems the most logical response to me.

In any event, I have given presentations of the like to my fellow Middleburians, but never in front of a class full of pure-bred french-os. I left my apartment thinking "in 31 minutes, I'll be in the class. I'll be in the classroom where I'll have to speak in front of 40 French people. This is real time." The walk to the metro was worse. "Look at these people. Having a normal day. Doing normal things like buying roses and drinking coffee and mailing letters. Not ONE of them has to do a Commentaire Compose on Gide today, I'm the only one... GOD I FEEL SO ALONE."

Seated in the metro, eyes darting around like a rabbit cornered in a cage: "Stop thinking about the negative. Think about the positive. Think about how many people don't give a shit whether you do a good presentation or not. Think about how it will be over in 2 hours and you can go on with your day, do what you like, eat chocolate, drink Orangina, THE WORLD WILL BE YOURS."

No doubt the requirements of the assignment sent me off the deep end- the good news is, it went very well. The bad news is that I don't have time for chocolate and Orangina because the dark cloud of assignments for Thursday has just settled over Wednesday afternoon.

One of the only things getting me through the week is the light in the distance, GOLDFEST '06. Goldie's fame on this blog continues, unbeknownst to her until she emailed with her new pal Sue. She writes:

"You’ll also be interested to know that I found out about this through Mama Epting. She goes, “I saw your photo on her blog.” I was like oh, sweet Jesus. GOLDFEST ‘06"

It's going to be sweet.

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