The Day of the Tram: Celebrating Transportation Clermont-style

I spent last weekend in Clermont, my hometown during the 2003-2004 school year. While living in Clermont, I was a frequent bus-rider; it was a nice way to see the city and a necessary way to get to work if you didn't like teaching the first 20 minutes of class out of breath after hiking the mountain leading up to the Chamalieres High School.

Since my departure from this lovely city, the roads surrounding the main part of town have been jackhammered apart. If you've ever tried walking on a ripped-up sidewalk to work every day for THREE YEARS, maybe you too would celebrate the opening of the new Clermont Tram like the Clermontois did last weekend.

I can honestly say that I have never seen such a party for the opening of a Tram in my life. (No, I have never seen another Tram opening either- but the celebrating was so ridiculous that this one takes the cake.) What says "BRING ON THE NEW TRAM!" more than a blown-up 4-breasted monster balloon? Not a lot.

The Tram was free all weekend and EVERYONE wanted a try...

The city put off fireworks Saturday night to commemerate the occasion (which will inevitably go down as one of the most important events in the history of Clermont just behind the time the Michelin man was designed).

I didn't spend the whole weekend watching an electric bus, however. Feeling a bit friend-deprived in Paris, it was good to drink a snowcone while wearing a scarf with Emilie:

And as always the Hotel Erica Johnson was a perfect place to stay. Erica moved in with her boyfriend Landry this summer whose English is getting better everyday (highlights include: "You reek"; "Guess what? Chicken Butt!" and an old crowd favorite, "I'm going to fart on you.")

Not only did they provide top-notch hospitality, but I was able to watch four (COUNT 'EM UP!) episodes of Gray's Anatomy. And that, my friends, was worth more than 10 new trams in my book.

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evaline oh so fine said...

those nipples on the monster balloon are probably as big as my head. and that's more scary than any monster.

hilarious about the tram festival!

p.s. tej and avi eloped.

p.p.s. gotcha!