Favorite comic stolen? He can sympathize...

My good friend Sarah Mclo and I spent a few minutes in a comic shop at St. Mark's place in NY before I came to Paris. The mission? Find SUICIDE SQUAD 59, the only Suicide Squad comic book that Aurel does not own. Two girls dressed in Banana Republic stood out juuust a bit in the so-geeky-it's-hip comic shop and we spent a good 20 minutes fishing around the 50-cent bin to find some cheap surprises for MasterMan himself. I suggested that we find at least one comic that had a hot girl on the front, and this is not exactly the cover we found, but it's close enough:

Most of our surprises have been deemed crap by the royal comic master (sadly enough, Pantha is destined for the recycling bin), but he did LOVE Matador (major props to Sarah Mclo who picked this crime-fighting mystery out herself.)

Why am I telling you this? A few minutes ago, Aurel was a minute away from buying ALL SIX MATADOR comics for $0.95 on EBAY and someone outbid him in the last 20 seconds. He sat there, his face aglow from the HP rays, stunned that someone came in and stole his treasure at the last second.

"One more minute!" he repeated, over and over again... "only twenty seconds!" Even now, a good 20 minutes after the incident occurred, he keeps saying things like "well, I guess that's the name of the game..." and then he shakes his head. "It's my own fault," he whispers in a self-induced coma-like state, "I have learned today."

He looks as if someone ran over his pet rabbit. Or, more appropriately, as if someone just burned the last copy of Suicide Squad 59 in front of him while he watched, handcuffed and helpless to stop the blasphemy.

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seasidesar said...

I just read this entry! …I feel so famous now! (Yes, I recognize that’s not the intended take-away from this entry. So rest assured, I am saddened for Aurel’s loss. For while he may never have had it in the first place – you know what they say – “losses loom greater than gains”.)
ANYway just thought I’d say I’m glad Aurel enjoyed the Matador (and I’m sure he’ll have many more in his future). But also that I was watching SATC tonight & it’s the “Power Lad” one where Carrie’s shoe guy is replaced by St. Mark’s Comics. It was the first time I saw the episode since our little adventure and I was thinking about our trip, and the show looks exactly like it did in real life (save 2 Banana misfits).
Oh, and I had a dream about comics over the weekend.