Fun Fact 001: Unicorns and Virgins

I have decided to begin a new series on this blog, notably the Fun Fact Series. I happen to be a big supporter of the Fun Fact, a fact which is not well-known and most importantly, Random with a capital R. Today's FF comes from the Louvre, which I visited this afternoon.

Would you have the right to put this guy on your tomb?

The answer: ONLY IF YOU'RE A VIRGIN! Yes, the unicorn is a symbol of virginity, as only virgins have the ability to tame the wild unicorn. According to ABC news, only 3% of American adults are still virgins, which leaves some stiff competition for those hoping to major in unicorn taming (though I imagine that certain universities could offer full-time programs).

A full believer in anything that is written about in Harry Potter and SHOULD exist in the real world, I did a bit of research and found that unicorns may have existed, but were hunted to extinction in the 5th or 6th centuries B.C. That being said, research on the internet is always a bit iffy- especially when it comes to fairytale websites like this. Or this.

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