Goldfest 06! does cheese in a big way

Tonight we decided to have Raclette for dinner, a French specialty consisting of potatoes, ham, sliced meat and LOTS OF MELTED CHEESE. It's a fun dinner because you cook the meat on an electric skillet on the table and melt the cheese in little shelves on the skillet. Moving the shelves back and forth at least gives you the impression that you may be working 0,001% of the fat off that you're dumping into your arteries, though studies have yet to prove this.

Not only is Raclette fun and easy, but it introduced Goldie to a new cheese and boy does Goldie like French cheese. I am pretty sure I'll come home one day this week to find her funneling brie in the kitchen or filling the bathtub with raclette. "I'm going to need angioplasty when I get home," she said tonight after dinner, and I thought, "not after climbing our 5 flights of stairs everyday, you're not..."

It's funny to have her here when I come home from a long day of work. If my motivation to write a two-part essay (this time about a MEMORY... WHO WRITES TWO-PART ESSAYS ABOUT NOSTALGIA??) was lacking before, her presence here is really pushing me over the edge. Our late nights studying for finals in good old Trexler library may be behind us, but I can always count on Golders for a good study break laugh in the next room. Or at least I can take a break and sit with her while she pumps melted brie into her veins through an I.V. That's just how good this fromage is.

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seasidesar said...

dear jen,
i would like documentation (a photograph, specifically) proving Goldfest 06! is, in fact, in progress. where are the pics of you 2 eating said fromage?! we want evidence!!!
and by the way, can i tell you HOW jealous i am that you are having fun together in a great foreign place while i eat alone at my computer desk with hours of work still ahead of me? yeah... i'm kinda jealous.
there in spirit,