An Open Letter Regarding Goldfest '06!

Dear readers,

It has been suggested that the lack of photos depicting Goldfest 06! is an attempt to hide the truth. That Goldfest 06! is an illusion in my mind and I've spent the past week eating cheese and visiting tombs alone. How to prove that I've not gone bat-crazy? Perhaps a photo of Goldie and I in a garden?

If Goldie wasn't really here, would we be standing in my hallway getting ready for the ballet like THIS?

Or at a bar like THIS?

Goldie left earlier today to head off to Florence, where she'll spend the next week visiting Duomos instead of Cathedrales and eating mozarella instead of brie. Here are a few lessons I've learned from Goldfest 06!:

1. When Paris metro doors close, they really close. Despite the fact that half of Goldie may or may not still be on the platform.

2. Goldie's wedding will take place in the Opera Garnier. She may or may not be wearing point shoes at the time.

3. Beware of brand new pink Longchamp bags, as they easily attract the following: chocolate sauce, oil from chicken and cheese crepes, and bone dust from the catacombs.

Speaking of the catacombs, Goldfest 06! took a turn for the BEST by visiting the catacombs yesterday, located 19 meters below the streets of Paris. I am not sure how to describe the feeling of entering a tunnel piled 6 feet high with arm and leg bones and decorated with skulls. To put it blunty, it creeps the shit out of you. To be honest, I had been a bit worried about our nervous dispositions before the tour, so I was glad they acknowledged it on a poster:

Visiting the catacombs has been a Goldrick dream since last fall when she watched an ABC family special about them in which a man disappeared, leaving nothing but his camera and fading footsteps behind. We made it out alive, but not without leaving an inspiring message in the guestbook:

"Dreams do come true. Goldfest '06!"


Dry Bones Epting and CataGOLD.

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