A Pleasant Moment

Throw out the stats and forget about what you read in Newsweek; jobs might be scarce in France, but I have managed to grab one. I'm teaching English to important people who wear expensive suits and work 12-hour days... it pays pretty well and I get to ride in lots of elevators. What more could you ask for?

This afternoon, I taught a 1-on-1 class to a high-ranking employee. It was our first time meeting and the conversation was great; his English is pretty good and so I went "off-book" as much as possible to keep him talking. Most of my students need conversation practice more than anything.

We were just finishing up when:

Me: Ok, well I think we're all set.
Him: (making a face like he's stuck on a word or a phrase...gestures, referring to our class) A Pleasant Moment!
Me: Well yes, it was a pleasant moment.

LOVE it.

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