Robots in Love

Before leaving the lovely city of NY, I stopped by Piano's to hear my good friend Becky in concert. Beck and I know each other from life events such as The Fourth Grade, Brownie Scouts, and her Fabulous Birthday Parties (ex: once we had to show up dressed like our moms.) While I floundered through High School on the violin (mostly dedicated to the orchestra because I was dating my stand partner), she mastered the cello and has now mastered STARDOM.

I'd been to a number of her shows in Brooklyn and NYC over the past few years but the last one was the most exciting because she had just made a CD. Her music is light and back-groundish for moments when you must write a 3-part essay on the color red in French (yes, that was MY night, how's yours??) and lyrically strong enough to stand on its own in a silent room when you feel like contemplating. Tonight my I-tunes suddenly flipped on "Robots in Love", a fantastic little song that might just stick with you until tomorrow morning in your shower. Check it out if you have a minute... or if you're taking a break writing your essay on the color green.

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steve said...

does she do college tours?