Dancing bear grabbing apples? Not my day job...

Yesterday a student of mine looked me in the eye and told me that he doesn't think he's making progress with my class. At first I was really hurt and allowed the criticism to get me down for a few hours (you know how it goes: Man, I must be a bad teacher. Why do I think I should be in a classroom anyway? I shouldn't even be around HUMANS. I should just lock myself in a cubicle and NEVER SEE ANOTHER SOUL AGAIN.)

I have a tendency towards the dramatic.

Long story short, I got over it. But I must admit that emails like the following help to remind me that I'm not the only one living a life straight out of an Ionesco play:

One of our web design clients wanted a dancing bear as part of their logo so I created (one). The client wasn’t satisfied. Oh no, dancing bear isn’t good enough. I quote, “I am not sure I am crazy about this and wanted to think about it. I can see that you are struggling with the Logo... I might tuck the tree into the corner, and have the bear going across the page or trying to grab some apples or something like that.” WTF?!?! It’s not enough to make the bear move, now he has to go grab apples? LEAVE THE POOR BEAR IN PEACE !!!

I would just like to take the opportunity to mention that I am glad I do not have to worry about making graphics of dancing bears grab apples for clients. Thank you, Erica, for making me realize that graphic designing is one of the career options I will not choose anytime soon. (I can hear all of you breathing a huge sigh of relief, seeing as how this blog is the limit of my zero designing skills. Once I did figure out how to change the color of the text, but I couldn't decide on a good one and so the blog stayed as it was.)

Note: This is not the dancing bear that Erica is responsible for. Unfortunately, googling "dancing bear grabbing apples" comes up with no images (shocker!). Thus, we are left with this dancing bear, the Spanish chick and a sketchy guy in a blue suit lurking in the background. We make do.


ev said...

and since when do bears like apples, anyway?

Anonymous said...

my point exactly!

i guess it's for a pediatrician's office, so they can be somewhat excused.

btw, my boss loves the dancing bear grabbing the apples, now just waiting on client approval!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i forgot to add - i wrote the same email to krissy and she responded, "I can't believe you can create stuff like that....it's amazing!!! They better like it! If they don't send them another one with the bear mooning them!"

i should spend my time creating a mooning bear ... now THAT would be time well spent !!

~ Erica ~