FAT Milk

I have previously written about the Proustian experience of drinking Starbucks chai here in Paris. Naively, I've always believed that the reason it was so damn good was because it was a reminder of home, a comfort food, a little expensive piece of heaven captured in a cardboard container.

When I've ordered chai in the U.S., the person behind the counter always asks what kind of milk and I would typically choose skim milk (a girl has to watch her figure, non?). The absence of this question in Starbucks across Paris didn't even dawn on me until today, when the woman ahead of me asked what type of milk was normally used to make the drinks because she wanted to order skim. Needless to say, I basically fell through the floor when the Starbucks server responded "oh, we always use whole milk unless you ask".

I have never in my life drank whole milk. Which means that the heaven that I've been tasting for the past three months? Yeah, it's kind of just pure FAT. And yet, am I considering changing my order? Not on your life. Because pure FAT has proven that it's worth going up and down the 5 flights one more time per day.


pueblo said...

look at this little toby cat drinking her milky :)

no frets sister, I've been pumping chai through an i.v. lately to get some caffeine (after mom bought me a freakin 4 POUND tub of it!).

here's a little trick if you happen to be in the store and they're out of skim and 2% milk and all they have left is whole (this happens every day in the g.q...maybe not in real world). You can just water down whole milk to make skim; that's all they do to make skim anyway.

we'll have to have a tea party at the good ol' yorktown starbucks over christmas. see you in a few weeks :-)

Anonymous said...

i agree ... full-fat milk in the chai is worth another couple of trips up and down the stairs!!

will miss you both at tonight's poker game!


A.B. said...


If it makes you feel better, a serving size is 8 oz, and you're probably only getting 1 or 2 oz so you can shrink that fat intake down to 1-2 grams per delicious cup of chai. By my standards, TOTALLY worth it!

PLUS, your stair-walking self gets skinner everytime I see you so I don't think fatty milk will hurt! ;)