Friday, black Friday

And then there was darkness.

You remember the internet we had in our apartment? The phone line? The 60 extra cable channels? (lip-quivering pause) Well, it's gone, they're all gone, ripped away like victory from a Republican. Because our box is fried.

"What box? Why fried?" you may ask. All good questions... There is a metallic-looking box that normally connects us to the outside world and it is now apparently "grillé" according to the specialists at the phone company. I don't pretend to know how the magic of electricity works in a country where phone or electric wires never ruin the view. All I can attest to is the absurdity of life here in "cosmopolitan" Paris at times and the fact that I am PISSED about it.

In other news, MasterMan's family is descending upon us for the weekend... plans include the Disney exhibit at the Grand Palais and dinner at a Morrocan restaurant tomorrow night. And the really good news? They're bringing two huge boxes of 400 comics that Aurel is selling one by one over the internet (which we won't have for at least another week. Have I mentioned that?) If you are interested in purchasing comics (especially in bulk!), check out his account. As my Starbucks cup said today, the holiday season is approaching... and comics make great gifts for the ones you love. Especially if it means getting them the hell out of my apartment.


Anonymous said...

Should you and MasterMan ever have any communication problems or run out of things to say to each other in 50 years time, here are some soul searching questions specifically tailored for MasterMan that I found whilst doing some lesson prep : http://iteslj.org/questions/comics.html

ev&tj said...

OHHHHHHH. No wonder we've been unable to reach you! Do you have a cell #?

Anonymous said...

We just thought you were on the phone all day long!!!!
Let us know when its going to get fixed