Good one, America!

Make a joyful noise people, because America has finally grown some balls. I skipped through the streets of la Paris today with the knowledge that the Democrats are taking over the HOR and if the voting systems in Virginia and Montana don't get screwed around with Jeb Bush-style, they'll take the Senate as well.

As I write this, I'm watching a press conference with George W. and I have to stop every few words to scream "WHAT?!? WHO WOULD SAY THAT?!?" at the screen. Here's an example:

GWB: Actually, I thought we were going to be fine yesterday. hehehe... shows what I know.

George, here's a memo: crawl out of the Republican-laden hole you live in and talk to someone who knows something. If you felt confident about yesterday's election, maybe you should talk to Mama Bush because EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER knew you were in for it, buddy.

Here are some other joyful losses of the day:

K-Fed and Demonsfeld booted on the same day? Things are certainly looking brighter for the world...


Anonymous said...

"God Bless America" !!!!

i'll be skipping in the streets of CF tonight ... :-)

~ Erica ~

Beck said...

Jen, you jumped ship just as things were turning around!