Paris Newsletter: Month Two

Dear Paris,

As I write this, I am wrapped up in a blanket and my Muhlenberg hoodie on the couch, a sure sign that October is over and winter is a-comin'. The past month has gotten progressively colder and has brought with it new wardrobe questions. What types of shoes do French women wear when it rains? When can I break out my suede boots and not look like an Eskimo? I've tried to take my fashion cues from the other metro riders, but how do you pull off wearing an evening gown with jeans and knee-high boots? French women do it. I watch in wonder.

October also brought our first house guest from the U.S., whose visit was significant enough to launch an entire marketing scheme around it. Goldfest '06! was a week of good food and using the hell out of our metro cards, as Goldie toured the city and I met up with her when I could. We're looking forward to Goldfest '07! when I'll be asking large corporations to sponsor the festivities...

Embracing the need to sing for my supper, I got myself a job teaching English to adults. As a result, I wear more professional clothes on a daily basis and don't feel as bad buying a chai at Starbucks once a week. I visited La Defense for the first time this month, which is a part of the city entirely dedicated to the big businesses in Paris. It was intimidating at first, especially when I was handed a 25 euro metro fine on my first day. I therefore showed up for my first class with pink eyes which I blamed on allergies (who has allergies in October?!? Obvious lie...) and am very happy to avoid La Defense and teach my permanent classes in central Paris.

A proud new owner of my Louvre card, I have already been there twice and like the organized-a-holic that I am, have started highlighting the Louvre map so I don't redo what I've already done. I like being able to spend a few hours at a time there; I feel less like a tourist and more inclined to take my time and enjoy the art. Aurel has also registered for his Louvre card, but has yet to receive it. He doesn't seem to mind though; when he's not in classes, he's almost always in front of his computer playing a variety of games that sound like wars or X-men cartoons. This is a hobby that I just don't get and it's scary to come home and find him sitting in the dark, his eyes sunken and robotic from hours of computer rays.

I myself prefer to spend my time outside before it gets too cold. The leaves are changing and falling here in muted colors, nothing close to an east-coast fall, but at least enough to give you the autumn feeling. Seeing old friends has been a major part of this month here in la France and I realize as I make new friends, Paris doesn't seem nearly as chilly as it did before.




Anonymous said...

Why did you get a metro fine?!

PS - the weather looks beautiful in those pics!


Anonymous said...

i have allergies in october. . . so maybe you're not entirely lying. . .

pueblo said...

So I'm pretty sure you're become a famous author one day and so when you do, just promise to make some p.r. stops to help me solve this little global warming problem....

love and miss you

mmmk said...

disclaimer: apparently I have not had an english class since high school.

you're -(going to)- become a famous author


A.B. said...

I agree with Katherine: more information is needed regarding the metro fine.