Picking on Pickler

When Matthew and I began working together last year, one of his first questions was if I watched American Idol, to which I responded "uh... NO." "Well, if we're going to be friends, you'll need to start watching it," he said. I therefore began watching American Idol for two reasons:

1. My desk faced his 8 hours per day and didn't want things to be awkward.
2. His fashion sense is stellar and he dresses like he just stepped off the set of Zoolander:

In any event, one of the things we liked to talk about the most (read: make fun of) was Kelly Pickler, the kind of girl that makes a bad name for other blonds, Americans, and human beings. The fact that this idiot stayed on the show for so long made me SO mad and it was a beautiful day when she was finally kicked off.

I thought my life could proceed without fear of ever hearing of this no-talent, bad-speller again, and look who just showed up on CNN.com:

American dream? Try American nightmare.


Anonymous said...

there i am...i did not realize how great i looked in those shoes. jen-- why didn't you tell me????? now i CAN wear them every day without feeling awkward about it!

i love you....paris 1...matthew 0.

Anonymous said...

Honestly jen, i'm disappointed. Let me elaborate:
(1) you didn't watch American Idol ?!?! [note to matthew - thanks for getting jen into it!]

(2) you didn't like Pickler? she was one of my favorites! so naive and innocent.

(3) you're still picking on her. shame on you.

FYI - now i know what to get you for your birthday ... Pickler's new CD !! heehee

lots of love from "down south",