Turkey: the bird, NOT the country

Joyeous Thanksgiving to you all! Here in the land of Napoleon and Brie, we do not have the day off, but this has not deterred me from spending the morning in my pjs on the couch catching up on all the INTERNET that I've missed in the past two weeks. What am I thankful for? NEUF TELECOM, that's what!

Middlebury organized a Thanksgiving dinner for us last night at a French restaurant. The food wasn't bad, but it was funny how fashionable it seemed to be. The turkey slices were elaborately dressed with some type of stuffing, the green beans had special spices, and the apple tart rested on a bed of English cream. It was, therefore, specifically French: just like an American, but thirty times as classy.

The fashionable food did not prevent us from having a great time and after a couple of weeks of homesickness, it felt good to be among family:

I must also make mention of a RIDICULOUS new Yahoo! mail invention. I received an email earlier this week in which the sender asked about how my sister was doing in Togo. The word "Togo" was underlined in blue and a small bubble popped up when I rolled my mouse over it. "Click here for map of TOGO" it said. I rolled my eyes and chalked this little technology gem up to the fact that the sender is somewhat of a computer magician. HOWEVER, Yahoo! mail has been invading every email that someone sends me, creating map links anytime someone mentions a city or a country. Yes, that's right- even the country of TURKEY. In the week before Thanksgiving, how many emails do you think I got with the word "turkey" in them? So Yahoo! mail, I beg you: before you go around changing people's emails and adding surprises to the words, take another 30 seconds and make sure you've figured out the glitches...

And now, in the good Thanksgiving tradition with a French twist, I am going to eat a hot dog for lunch and then go shopping for new boots. Rock out with your own turkey dinners...

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ev said...

I KNOW! That is so annoying! It does it with phone #s, too! Go to options->gen prefs->and turn off the freakin yahoo shortcuts, if you haven't already!!