What with the upcoming wedding and all...

Last night I dreamt that I was invited to Tom and Katie's place for dinner, which was held outside with a brood of international children (see: preminition of Brangelina's future family). Everything was going alright, I felt a little skeeved out by Tom's overbearing laugh, but the terror came when I decided to leave the next morning.

The gates of their mansion opened and I stepped out onto the road, ready to find my car and leave. As I thought about my departure, golden shackles started growing on my wrists and I realized that I was a prisioner of Castle TomKat; I could not leave. I looked behind me and saw Tom playing soccer with dozens of his kids, laughing his scary-smiley laugh. The golden chains solidified like some kind of Harry Potter shit and I knew it was going to be me and Suri forever.

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seasidesar said...

good ol' Tommy boy is one of the only celebs i've ever dreamt about... but this was a good 5+ years ago, and not scary at all. better luck tonight, jen! ;)