The Nana Diaries, part 2

It's Thursday and I've got a family and food hangover. The family part stops today, as I head into New York to finally see friends, but the food just keeps on comin' with a dinner tonight and tomorrow. I can literally feel my ass growing by the minute and I shake in fear of what's coming my way when I get back to living five flights up. This is what happens when your great aunt melts a STICK OF BUTTER in the bowl of corn before serving it. I wish I was kidding, and yet the screams from my arteries tell me I'm not.

We visited the Nanas in their respective towns this week. Photos and family memories place these women in another world, but today they are simple girls who need little more than a laugh and a hug. I cope by putting aside my memories of grandmas and seeing them for who they are today, women who are happy to listen to old 78's and munch on Christmas cookies.

And while it has been wonderful to spend so much time with my family, I am anxious to finally see my friends in New York. The infamous Secret Santa will take place tomorrow, where some lucky winner will take home a non-French-yet-still-FUN gift. Stay tuned for updates from Brooklyn and the city...


A.B. said...

Woohoo! Secret Santa and ass-growing food! Can't wait to see you tonight! xx

Kate said...

i am sitting in a cybercafe nearly crying over these pictures as togolese people give me concerned looks. beautiful, heart-breaking pictures! miss you tons and can't wait to spend next xmas with you and the nanas.

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