Pollyanna and the top 7 holiday gifts

New Jersey is weird, even in France. The topic of Secret Santa came up on Saturday night and Joseph said, "oh, you mean Pollyanna." At which point this image came to mind:

Though I laughed about it at the time, other New Jersians at Middlebury confirmed such strange linguistics in the state of NJ this afternoon. In all 7,417 square miles of New Jersey, the word "Pollyanna" means "Secret Santa." SS seems rather self-explanatory for me and I don't see why the state of Bon Jovi and long fingernails had to go and re-name a perfectly good term, though we must keep in mind that these are the same people who call sprinkles "jimmies."

Speaking of which, the NY girls and I have decided to do Secret Santa this year and at first I was PSYCHED and now I am psyched. There is quite a bit of pressure to find a good gift when you live abroad and seeing as how this is the third French Christmas shopping experience I've been through, I'm fresh out of ideas. There are only so many berets and French chocolates that you can buy for someone before it gets old. Real old.

There are always the obvious ideal Secret Santa gifts (I've spent a good many days trying to figure out how to giftwrap Justin T...), but this year I took my search out to the good old world-wide web. I found some GREAT stuff, but I'm obviously not going to share it with you here because my brother reads this site. And my parents. And the person who I have for Secret Santa.

Here are the top seven gifts-I-really-liked-but-didn't-buy-for-anyone. Maybe you can make better use of such wonders:

1. iPod Red Special Edition ($199)- Even though I never use my iPod, this one is CLASS-y and I'd be proud to zone out to it on line 3. Plus, $10 of your purchase goes to fight HIV/AIDS. Sweet stuff.

2. Personalized Notecards ($45)- Once Evelyn and I bought these as a birthday gift for Tejal. They came out professional and looked great... there are tons of different designs, including this lovely green apple:

3. Firefly Water Bottle Lid ($17.95)-I don't hike or camp; I leave that up to the other siblings who like to study abroad in places where you have a good chance of getting Malaria. But everyone has a Nalgene and why not use a lid that turns your water bottle into a lantern? Easier to see the man-eating mosquitoes, non?

4. The Downside of Genetic Engineering tee-shirt ($10)- I think this shirt is HILARIOUS and Threadless has tons of other great designs that promote everything from riding bikes to English grammar.

5. "Interlocken" lace-up boot ($148)- These boots are so hot I can't even type straight. If you decide to go out and buy these for someone, I'm a size 8 1/2.

6. The Economist year-long subscription ($79.00)- For the political genius in your life, or at least an aspiring one. FYI- they ship overseas to all Peace Corps volunteers for no extra charge.

7. Graphic Travel Clutch ($24.00)- It's hip, it's cool, and it helps to avoid losing your passport as you go through the metal detectors three extra times because you forgot about your belt buckle. Perfect for the one who can't seem to stay on the ground.


Anonymous said...

i have to admit ... we call them "jimmies" in massachusetts too.

i'll have to ask my cousins about this "polyanna" thing - they're from NJ. Maybe it's just a middlebury/nj thing?

bon courage for the gift buying!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pollyanna in NJ,