Thanksmas '06: where Pumpkin Pies and Nativity scenes go to make-out

Erica and Landry blew in from the Massif Central this weekend to visit Paris and, well, us. But we also cleverly planned their visit to coincide with Thanksmas '06, our original combination of -you guessed it- turkeys and Christmas trees. Due to the size of our apartment, we could only invite a small sampling of friends, but what a sampling it was... here are the photos that didn't come out blurry (I won't try to explain the blurriness except to say that there were quite a few wine bottles to recycle the next morning):

Find the Italian in this photo! (Hint: it's the one named Joseph who's talking with his hands)

Kathryn and Angela have a laugh during a ridiculous international game of pictionary...

I usually leave the craftiness up to the artsy people in my life (like Sarah Mclo), but finding myself on the other side of the ocean, I made do with some snow spray and cut up magazines...

Maddy, our representative from England, was on hand as a resource for Shakespearian plays. (The Tempest! I'd NEVER think of that on my own...)

You may notice that I'm sporting a new haircut. Having lived one day too many with a wild mass of un-shapeable curls, it was time. If you look closely, you'll notice that the room is, in fact, spinning. So it wasn't us after all.

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Hortense said...

Looks like you are having fun...
How's everything going with you?
Talk to you soon
Merry X-Mas and belated Thanksgiving