Cache to the GEO

It's official: I'm a little obsessed. Steve and I found TWO geocaches today and this hidden world of secrets just keeps unfolding. Apparently there are geocoins (coins with tracking numbers that you can keep track of on the Internet), geobugs (figurines with special ID numbers... we got a John Smith figurine that I'm taking to Paris with me tomorrow! How's that for getting things moving!?!), and... wait for it... a GEOCACHING JAMBOREE. I only know about this because Steve found a badge in one of the caches.

I was a Girl Scout until 8th grade or so; I always loved doing the badges and visiting old people. But I wasn't too crazy about the other girls in the troop. Things also started going downhill when my leader's Cocker Spaniel bit me on the face, almost blinding me in my right eye. Kind of put a damper on things. I liked camping, but mostly for the singing with guitars and eating smores (I am now content to stay in hotels and listen to Guster while eating marshmallows).

So I suppose Geocaching is getting me back into nature in a way that none of my crazy outdoor-loving, EMS-shopping family members have been able to do. And for that I say, cheers- cheers to traipsing through thorn bushes, twisting ankles in muddy swamps, and the thrill of the hunt in what some call a live video game for environmentalists.

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