Gunned down in Madrid

Because of my French skillz, I can understand a bit of Spanish. But the problem with Spanish-speakers is (no offense to half the population of NY), they speak so fast they sound like they are TAP DANCING on your face. They are machine guns of syllables and while French is a smooth sounding language (by which I mean, even when incoherent, you're pretty sure someone is asking you to make sweet, sweet love to them), Spanish makes me very nervous to be around. Consider yesterday's situation at the security check-in during my transfer in Madrid:

I put all my stuff in plastic bins and walk through without any beeping. I assume I am cleared and start taking my stuff back.
Man: Rat a tat tat bang bam boom.
Me: Comment? Commentato--huh?
Man: Bingity boppity bam bam "agua."
Me: Um, agua? Water?
Man gesturing to my water bottle that cost $4 in NY: Bip de dip de dip do wap di doobity do. Makes a motion to the garbage can.
Me: Ok, gracias.
Man throws my bottle out in the garbage.

That was a little like how yesterday went, in more ways than one. I slept 13 hours last night and am now tackling the confusing task of finally figuring out how to use my iPod. This will be followed by a period of using my iPod on a long walk around the 17th, which on my way into Paris yesterday struck me as a really beautiful neighborhood. I'll post pix later if I take any good ones.


Matt said...

You're so out of touch over there in the old country, we haven't been able to fly with water for months! godblessamerrrrrica

Anonymous said...


Fortunately you are not named Rosie and do not have a feature spot on a nationally televised show, for if you were and did, you might at this moment be on the receiving end of many a Spanish-speaker's ire.

At least you made Spanish sound cooler than she made Chinese sound.