Happy New Year, y'all!

In a last-ditch effort to squeeze every last moment out of 2006, I flew to Nashville on New Year's Eve and skipped back a time zone. What's in Nashville? Fair question because one might assume "a whole lotta Southerners and butter." This is the case, but there's also these two:

World, meet the Sarahs, the finest residents of Nashville and Vanderbilt. One cheap flight later and I sailed into the central time zone with a few hours to spare in 2006. I didn't come empty-handed, however; I picked up a few key accessories in Times Square before leaving the city:

We called our friends on the east coast at 11pm and watched the ball drop in a vertigo-like state. Ryan Seacrest is annoying live, but he's even more annoying when his New Year's Eve countdown is rebroadcast an hour later in TN. The highlight of the evening was watching Meat Loaf (yes, THAT Meat Loaf) sing duets with a half-naked brunette who was 1/3 his age. And Christina Aguilera refusing to even kiss Seacrest on the cheek, proving that Meat Loaf gets more action than Seacrest ever will.
Nashville is a friendly kind of place, where people running in a nearby field almost make you want to join them. It's also kind of like the un-Hollywood, where Ben Folds hangs out at the local coffee joint and Al Gore frequents the local dive restaurants. Seeing as how it's the first day of the year, we opted for dining at the only place that was open, the Loveless Cafe, where fried chickens and biscuits grow on trees.

With a new year ahead and a birthday on the horizon, things are looking good. My New Years resolutions are as follows:

1. Make this blog look nicer.

2. Visit a new country.

3. Stop watching "Seventh Heaven," even if it's the only thing on TV when I get home and fall on the couch in a heap of exhaustion. It may be less annoying dubbed in French, but I've now got 4 new Sex and the City DVDs from my Secret Santa and Barry Watson isn't in any of them.

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