It's not just HOT, it's GOOD

Don't have anything to do this weekend? Maybe you should go to your local 7-11 and pick up a couple of big bags of ice and some slushies and go directly to the movies to see Little Children. Because this movie is so. freaking. hot.

Or maybe it's just him:

The film is touching and difficult to watch, truthful and scary. May I never become a playground Mom who can't appreciate passion and all the beauty that comes with it. It's the kind of movie that a 10-years-older-Zach Braff would love to be in because it deals with all those crazy anti-suburban, fear of marriage, searching-for-an-out feelings that he's been playing out in his past couple of films.

I can't say enough about Kate Winslet either. Who doesn't want to be Kate Winslet? Especially when she gets to be in naked scenes with Patrick Wilson and dye her hair crazy colors in utterly moving films that make you want to call ex-boyfriends just to make sure you haven't made a gross mistake somewhere along the way.

It's not all a love story though; there are some very dark and twisted themes running through Little Children, but they add dimension and inform the central plot line. Taboo subjects like child sex offenders and skeevy middle-aged husbands made my skin crawl, but I only did my cautionary "squint your eyes and put your fingers halfway in your ears" a couple of times.

However, I was in this position for the ENTIRE 3-minute trailer for the new Hannibal Lector film. Who the HELL watches that crap?

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