Paris Newsletter: Month Four

Dear Paris,

It's strange to be writing about Paris from New York. After spending the past 10 days on American soil, France seems far away right now; it's been very easy falling back into routine and I bet I could get used to this lifestyle of not working or reading Proust and only visiting friends in various cities.

The New York girls and I had dinner the China Grill last week and exchanged Secret Santa gifts afterwards. The restaurant is warmly lit and I was hit with the feeling of "hooooome" in the midst of the after-dessert glow. We used to do monthly dinners while I lived in New York and I miss those dates and discovering new restaurants.

One of the interesting things about coming back after four months is realizing how much I've grown and changed. It's amazing how much more focused I feel about French and my career. Spending time with friends and family over the past two weeks has helped me to talk things out too. After my bon voyage party in August, my Dad told me he couldn't believe how my friends and I could TALK, that we could spend hours and hours in the family room or on the deck with nothing other than some bagels, coffee, and conversation. I think that might be our best times talking, when we're without make-up and still wearing pjs, lying around on couches and pillows and talking about who and where we want to be.

I walked out of Grand Central the other day, looked UP and felt like any other immigrant who sees the Big Apple for the first time. The buildings are so tall here, the sidewalks so crowded and the sky seems so far away. It took me a good 24 hours of hating New York to love it again. Strands bookstore, walking through the Village and seeing Grand Central at night brought me back.

I had a thrilling realization today while drinking chai in Nashville with Skersh; it's 2007 and that means that the next presidential election is only ONE CALENDAR YEAR away! Middle America and its airports were good to me over the past few days and though the people are friendly and the biscuits are buttered, I guess I'm still unsure about where I want to be in the future. Here's hoping that the next semester back in Paris (and that pesky thesis paper) will shed some light on all this and more.

Happy January.



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