A Very Spanish un-Birthday

I am turning 26 in less than one week and what's better than celebrating one birthday? How about two? With this in mind, the girls and I decided to have a very Spanish un-Birthday, which began with a visit to the Guggenheim to see the Spanish Painting Exhibit. I have no photos of the paintings because I did not want to risk sneaking it past the guards in such a dangerous shaped museum, but here's an upwards shot that gave me a little vertigo:

Spanish paintings were followed by Spanish Tapas at El Charro Espanol in the Village, which was excellent. Tapas are such a good idea and I'm not sure why we don't do them in American cooking. It's kind of like having the best of all worlds; small bits of many different dishes and flavors. Don't they make it look tempting?

We rounded off the evening in a Belgian bar, where we drank Krieks and then continued that theme the next morning at brunch, where I ate a Belgian waffle. Here is a photo of me in my (almost) old age- all signs point to the fact that I am eventually destined to look like Laura Bush after seeing this photo in which I am sipping champagne at breakfast:

So far the idea of turning 26 is refreshing. I have decided that my motto for the next year will be "Not Taking Any Shit", to be referred to as NTAS in future posts. The early 20s are for feeling conflicted and identity-stricken; it feels GOOD to be past the first half of the decade. A little like getting your braces off.

"I'm 26" is also just the sort of catch phrase that becomes useful to justify just about anything. Dad doesn't like your future career plans? Guess what? "I'm 26. NTAS." A middle-aged ESL student tells you that he is planning a "resistance" against learning English? "Oh, hm how interesting, that's right- I'm 26 and NTAS."

Because taking someone else's shit? That is SO 25.

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