Paris Newsletter: Month Five

Dear Paris,

Because I've been resisting taking a Civilisation credit, I'm now in a business French class that meets two nights per week. I attempted some of the homework this afternoon and the recurring theme was something like "WHAT THE HELL am I doing in this class? Purchasing power? International contracts? This better come in useful in a future novel..." A heavy cloud of "going to have to suck it up" descended upon me during the two-hour class last night. It is, however, the least of the problems that January 2007 threw at me.

At least we can finally celebrate the end of January (otherwise known as SUCKuary). I purposely waited to write this newsletter until we were a couple days into February, a bit afraid that January would rear its ugly head and reclaim another couple days of hell. Blythe was right the other night when she said "Paris is gray lately" (and it's NOT just that I got Photoshop and have been playing with my grayscales...). The sky, the temperatures, my finances... Paris has grown distant and pale over the past month. I haven't felt as alone as I felt this January in a long, long time. My apartment has become a negotiating type of space, one which I try to avoid at times to give Aurel some time alone. I am forever grateful to the couple of friends who have invited me weekly for tea or dinner; without somewhere to go, a plan for the afternoon, rolling out of bed was a little unimaginable for a while.
But things are looking up for February. I will be visiting Susanne for a long weekend to compare the grayness of Paris to the gray COLDNESS (and charm) of Prague. I fell into a group of very international friends at Paris III, a most unlikely friend-breeding ground, and am enjoying learning about Budapest over lunch or Munich while waiting for class to start. I joined groups like the JOINER that I am, meet-ups that write, clubs that speak in different languages, crowds that visit museums. And in many ways, this act of joining, this spirit of communistic seeking-of-others, has helped me feel a little more ready to face February. So bring it on.



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Anonymous said...

So you did realize it was photoshop! tant mieux. and yay for updating your blog (like i should talk!)