Prague '07

My weekend in Prague was unforgettable, and that's not because of the fever-induced hallucinations that were happening either. Although the idea of poking around in castles and synagogues was more than enough motivation to head over to the Czech Republic, I was also visiting Susanne, my old apartment-mate from the good old days in Clermont-Ferrand. And let me tell you, my friends, there is a huge difference between traveling to see a place and traveling to see a friend.Susanne is doing an internship in Prague for a couple of months and spent last semester learning Czech in Brno, a city that doesn't look pronounceable, yet somehow is. Sus did most of the communicating, though I chimed in a couple of times. My desire to thank people in Czech always produced 30 seconds of uncomfortable silence, wherein I looked as if I had an important message to deliver from the Pentagon and the waiter/salesperson grew more and more interested to know what was going to fall out of my mouth. To their credit, when a simple "thank-you" was the only sound produced, the Czech people responded with big smiles, though I can't be sure if they were happy to hear an American making the effort, or smirking because they had something to write about on their blogs that night.

As usual, this trip to Prague left me feeling even more ignorant about the world, precisely because I learned so much about the Czech Republic and communism and a country of people who have been existing without me knowing much about them. It was a beautiful, charming, yet touristy city; the buildings are colorful, the people are friendly- and the beer. Ohh, the beer. Well, let's just say it's 100 times better than meat topped with whipped cream, which was my first of many meat-based meals.

Stay tuned for a special Fun Fact Prague edition, where the mysteries of Kafka, Mucha and why communism went down in 1989 are solved.


Anonymous said...

The last picture is lovely and looks like it was taken in 1950s Paris somewhat!

I went to Prague on a school trip, and my friends and I swore than we'd go back; it's so beautiful.



Daniel said...

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Renie said...

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