Rules and regulations

Me: Are you wearing two different socks?
Agnes: Ah, yeah, I really have to do laundry. I was just saying to someone that you know that it's time to do laundry when you don't have anymore thongs left and you have to wear big granny underwear.
Me: Oh, that's not even bad. The granny underwear is only the middle step- you know you really have to do laundry when you've finished the grannies and you're onto the painful thongs that came with lingerie sets years ago.
Agnes: That's right, the only thing worse than the grannies is moving on to the prostitutional underwear category.
Me: And THAT's when you know it's time to do laundry.

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A.B. said...

Haha! I'm right there with you. But for me the deciding factor is the granny panties that are trying to look sexy (that I may or may not have gotten from a good-intentioned Santa).