About 20 years in advance...

French television has been shit lately, and tonight I found myself wrapping Kate's birthday gifts while watching a talk show with adolescents and their parents. Talking about sex. And condoms. AND THE MORNING-AFTER PILL THAT FRENCH KIDS ARE TAKING LIKE FLINTSTONES VITAMINS.

I suppose it is telling that instead of feeling closer to the teenagers' side, I was feeling more what the parents were saying... and it made me think about the moment one day when I have to worry about my daughter getting pregnant at 15. Or worrying about my son getting someone pregnant and paying child support from the money he earns on his paper route.

And that REALLY made me want to adopt a puppy, because at least they can be fixed.

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Anonymous said...

You can't have seen the France 2 documentary on cancer then last night...that was not shit but tear jerking, hope-giving marvellousness. If you were touched by the blog referred to in your last post you would have been touched by that show. Shame you missed it.