"It was 2003. No one had jobs. And no one knew where their lives were going."

Thus ensued last night's booze-fest with THE LEIGH, who stopped by Paris for the night to pick up her friend Mike and moved on this morning to go to a Dolly Parton concert in Norway. Say it with me folks: COOOOOOOOOOL as shit.

Mike and I agreed that Hippopotamus was the ideal dining experience for Leigh. The Hippo's logo is a big purple elephant. Think Barney meets the Paris Opera. And because I know THE LEIGH from such places as Muhlenberg and the Thunder from Down Under male strip show in Vegas, I was not surprised when she came to the culinary capital of the world and ordered a plate of French Fries. And drinks. Lots of drinks.

It may be almost 4 years since we graduated (this sentence makes me want to pass out), but the girl still knows how to crack me up while discussing a mix of politics and Gordon Street Jungle Juice. Plus, we have other things in common- as of this summer, we're both going to be MASTERS.

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