It's time for a break when

you reread your last sentence and it sounds like this:

"Can we therefore suggest that the text we are reading has been therefore filtered by an unreliable narrator and therefore we are only reading one perspective of the story?"

Therefore three times in a sentence is NOT ACCEPTABLE, people.

I am trying to finish up the next installment of Grammar Mistakes '07 (which from this day forward will be the official name for The Thesis) today because the lovely Erica of Clermont will be visiting tomorrow for a couple days. Erica has proven to be a force to be reckoned with this spring and has not only stopped biting her nails, but has also started up Weight Watchers again. I will therefore welcome her with wide vegetable-loving open arms. Dating someone who brings home Starbucks muffins and carrot cake after work has not been doing wonders for my ass.

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