Jessie Spano, I feel you.

I'm not the sibling that freaks out about school work. I never have been; I'm a responsible student, but I don't have the kind of academic breakdowns that the other Epting children do.

Katie went through a perfectionist streak in high school and was so tightly-wound that you could almost see her vibrating when she walked in a room. She stayed up all night working on projects; I distinctly remember my Mom being tired some days, having woken up at 4am to get Kate up to finish her homework.

Steve still goes through his crises at Muhlenberg, calling home at all hours of the night because he just CAN'T BE THE PRESIDENT OF EVERY CLUB AND STILL GET GOOD GRADES. I can just picture him pulling at his massive hair, making that face he makes when he feels that THE WORLD is against him and HOW could someone be TESTING him on CHEMISTRY in less than 18 hours?!?

After-school specials could be made about these two, starring Jessie Spano.

Apparently I avoided this CRAZY gene while in the womb (rest assured: I inherited my fair share of hypochondria), and am fairly easy-going about school stuff. I know it will get done and when I get a little stressed I think about how things could be much worse.

But this week was a rare exception; I had to write an entire commentaire composee in one night (Thursday) and was FREAKING OUT Steve-style. I only slept 2 hours and spent the rest of the time writing and re-writing my presentation, which was at 9am Friday morning. It didn't help much that my subject was "Memory, Forgetting and Fiction in Blanche ou l'Oubli"... a more vague and philosophical topic could not be found. So here I am, 2am Friday morning, writing sentences like:

"By writing a novel which is born from reality, Aragon renders the opposite of his life unforgettable. This is to say that he renders his and Elsa's lives forgettable, which has always been the goal of his book."

The teacher told me it was "tres bien," yet I suspect even she was lost in my analysis of such a vague topic (note: if you don't really know what you're talking about, I suppose the best idea is to leave your audience in the dust by using the word 'memory' in every sentence and writing things like "l'oubliable + la fiction = l'inoubliable" on the board before you begin. The math stuff really scares lit students...).

As a result of the FREAK OUT, I am currently a waste of space. I tried to work on GM'07 at Starbucks this morning, but my brain went into hibernation mode everytime I tried to write a sentence. I am therefore taking the night off and doing something different.

Like eating Nutella spread on anything I find in the cabinet.

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