One year older, the wiser part is questionable...

My Mom says she was happy when she found out Katie was a girl; she wanted me to have a sister because she grew up with two brothers who fished and hunted small furry animals almost directly from the womb. I don't remember when Katie was born (I was only 2), but there are many photos at home that suggest that my feelings about a new sister were something like "um... I WOULD STILL like to be the one sleeping in the BASSINET. Please take that smelly thing back to the hospital she came from. Surely we were happy enough without it."

Those who meet the three of us generally react with: "OH MAN, you guys MUST be triplets!" which is either an insult to me (26) or Steve (19), we just can't figure out which. Looks aside, my sister and brother are the two people in the world who can make me laugh the most. We know what buttons to push to piss each other off and we have mastered the communication of "holy shit, I can't believe the people who SHOT our Thanksgiving turkey and are now spitting BBs onto their plates are RELATED to us" with one look. I miss both of them terribly in Paris, though it's fair enough to say that even when we were all stateside we didn't see each other very often either.

Today is Kate's 24th birthday and she'll be celebrating it at a conference in Togo. Far from the Betty Crocker birthday cakes my Mom is famous for, I'm sure she would appreciate some birthday wishes if anyone is feeling up to it. Happy birthday, Keena!

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Anonymous said...

your sister looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU in that picture. really.

off to her blog to wish her happy bday!!