Plus sized cows and a Warhol

I just had a dream that I was back in New York in Sarah Mclo's apartment and she was showing me the new Warhol she bought (huh?!). My other friends were there, sort of milling around the apartment and all of a sudden 5 new girls walk in and I feel really left out of their jokes . It's pretty clear that I'm a little worried about my friendships in NY if I decide to stay next year... and that Sarah Mclo has fabulous art taste even in dreams.

I hadn't seen Leigh since Christmas and after I finished telling a particularly funny story about the past 8 weeks, she said "JEN, you don't talk about ANY of this on your blog!" Which was true.

I do feel like this blog has gotten filler-ish in the past few weeks, not because nothing's going on in my life, but because EVERYTHING is going on in my life (exes, new boys, family problems, future problems, you name it) and I don't know if I'm allowed to write about people like that. Like, what if I told you that the ex invited a dinner date over for his last night in the apartment (which I walked in on in true SATC timing)? That after seven weeks of broken-up living together and bickering (not to mention a year and a half long relationship) , the whole thing ended on such a weird note. That I didn't flip out or even really address the situation because:
1. it wasn't worth it to have the three billionth fight when the end was so near and
2. I have someone new in my life too.

You see the drama? Have you called the producers of the Young and the Restless yet?

Said ex and his father are coming in a few hours to move the rest of his stuff out and so I'm headed out to Starbucks and perhaps the "Hall of Agriculture" exposition later on today. One of my students explained it to me yesterday: "It is amazing. They have the biggest and beautifulest cows in all of the France." Which is to say, the plus size models of French cows will be on display today along with free cheese. Pictures to follow, of course.

PS. Thanks to whoever recommended "How Come" by Ray LaMontagne in the comments section... I'm loving this folksy song...

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seasidesar said...

quick - really strange - note for you... we're doing this research for a TV network (i don't know if i can write about it on the internet!) but we were going to test this show called "Warhol's Children" about these up & coming artists, yadda yadda... and i just watched the clip for it a little over a week ago, and it's been a small part of my life - WARHOL, jen! - like when have we ever talked about him in our lives? (and when have i ever even really thought of him?) and so then what are the chances that i watch a clip of a potential show w/ his name in the title at the same time you dream about us discussing him? ...cosmically connected, my friend ;)